Now breaking news. The two presidential candidates have actually agreed on something, the fact that Nutella is delicious. Related to that Nutella has been defeated in a multi million dollar lawsuit against an add campaign. The ads said that spreading the stuff on toast was a healthy way to start the day. Some poor childrens mothers believed it. In other ad news the democratic candidates new add turns out to be a complete lie and many people are shocked. The republicans new add is also a complete lie telling us that they have returned to business as usual. All of this goes to show that knowing the truth about what we put on toast is more important than knowing the truth about our next president.

In other shocking  news one of the candidates recently gave the middle finger to the people at a rally. Estimates say that 47% of the country was watching. The other candidate recently told Cheese Cake News that if you don’t vote for him you are a racist. A recent online survey revealed 90% of the country agrees with a third party candidate more than the main candidates.

Now for the Cheesecake News Truth Tracker. The GOP candidate at the beginning of its campaign was for the middle and lower class. He has now taken to flipping them off whenever he can. He has also failed to convince the country he will follow his plan. His plan to make millionaires like himself have to work harder to evade their taxes. The democratic candidate next on Cheese Cake News.     




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