Politics By Paavo

Politics are thriving as the election coming up. Well, some of you might wonder what happens when the candidate’s meet in private. I have secret info about what happens when they meet. Where did I get the info you ask. Well. The info comes from a bug in the room that they met. I set that up. I also set up a camera. But they found that at the end.

To start, the candidates are not very nice to each other when they meet (At their houses, Dinner, Etc). Believe it or not the candidates wives actually fight! Enough blabbering lets get on to the real story. You have probably heard of the debates. Well, that’s only a portion of what they act like. I don’t mean that they hit each other. They fight to hurt each others ego.  They say things like “You will destroy this nation.” OR “Don’t run. or I’ll kill you” do you you get what I mean? If that happens when I run. I won’t want to run for president. Would you?


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