Halloween slaughterhouses


Since its halloween has just passed we should talk about the real horror stories, what happens in slaughterhouses to the cows and the humans How corporations are keeping the conditions for the workers this way and why they do it.
Humans are cruel everybody should know that.
Some more than others. Manly the people at the top of these giant corporations are the ones that are the most cruel. Some of them don’t try to to be cruel. SOme of them just tune out all the people who are suffering and think only of the good of the corporation. THey need to be exposed. thats why I am writing about what happens to the cows and the humans in the given info I have aquired over the year.

There is a reason people use slaughterhouses as haunted mansions and that is why I want to stop the horrible conditions and unsanitary working areas in slaughterhouses. I have read excerpts from “the jungle” and someone had fallen into a big vat of lard and was turned into lard and sold to the public. Now this does not happen now, but many other things do. people get cut and burned all the time. I looked “slaughterhouses” up in the dictionary and it said “a place where animals get slaughtered” there should be quotation marks around “animals”. I have mainly gathered my info from ‘chew on this’ which is the horror (information about food) manual of the century.

I have been trying to find info on slaughterhouses but either there are none or they are trying not to be noticed on the internet. I can understand why they wouldn’t want other people knowing what happens in slaughterhouses so they don’t post anything about it. THe only info there is, is posted by people other than the companies. There are no homepage or any slaughterhouse.

THere are some companies that are opposed to slaughterhouses and killing animals. the leading one is called P.E.T.A. P.E.T.A has good intentions but the way they execute their ideas is a bit warped. THe PETA have done very weird things if you can even call it that. They have had women get wrapped in styrofoam like the meat we sometimes buy and lay down on the meat rack. They have done many things that question their sanity but in all fairness slaughterhouses are not that sane at all.

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