Native peoples are still fighting for their country

Halloween is not so far behind us. You might have heard  or seen a lot of trick or-treaters dressed up as indians (native Americans), with their fake tomahawks and bows and arrows; but have you ever head of the American indian movement (nothing to do with Halloween)?

(Flag of American indian movement)

The American indian movement is an activist organization started by native American activists in the hopes of gaining back land and rights for American indians; a people that have had their many rights taken away from them.

The story

American indians on the pine ridge reserve in S.D, show their distress and anger (through the picture below) toward the American government for the wounded knee incident;  a shootout between AIM (American indian movement) activists and F.B.I agents.

(Taken by Aaron Huey)

In this shootout (the shootout at pine ridge – wounded knee incident) two F.B.I agents and one AIM activist died. Currently the convicted AIM activist, Leonard Peltier is facing his sentence of life in prison. Peltier did admit to the murders of the two F.B.I agents.
Peltier is such a key figure for the AIM movement, that he has been called the American Mandela. He is known by many of his followers as a political prisoner. Peltier has received support from famous figures such as Nelson Mandela and the 14th Dalai Lama.

Interesting facts –

Now Peltier has been tried and convicted as the killer of the F.B.I agents, but no one has ever investigated the death of the one AIM activist who had been shot! (very interesting). Also according to, more than 40 native Americans participated in the shooting, but only three of them have been brought to trial! (also very interesting)

Peltier has not only been thinking about his case and his murder victims, but also of thinking of the murder of fellow AIM activist, Anna Mae Aquash. For years many people did not not the truth behind what actually happened to Aquash, but in the late 90’s it was revealed that the killers were AIM activists. Aquash was supposedly murdered (executed) because of her knowledge of the shoot out between Peltier and the F.B.I. agents. Because of this Peltier was thought to be involved in the Aquash case, but was dismissed.

What the pictures are of

Lenny Jumping Eagle rides in a celebration of the defeat of Colonel Custer the Battle of the Little Bighorn

Oohosis, a Cree from Canada (on the left) and Peggy Lee Ellenwood, a Sioux from Montana (on the right)

A picture of Mr. Peltier


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