Bullying – Kiki


  • We need to care about bullying because everyday many people get bullied and if they get bullied too much, they kill themselves. If we don’t care about people who die everyday because of bullying, then it can cause many problems.
  • Some people get bullied because they are gay or lesbiens. People also get bullied because they have a disability. And some people get bullied for no reason, people just want to be mean to them. If people who are getting bullied don’t speak up about what’s happening to them, then they might get in even more danger of being hurt. We need to encourage the people who are getting bullied to speak up. Whatever we need to do, we should do it to stop bullying.
  • What I would say for what I want people to think, is that bullying is not okay. For people who are being bullied, speak up about it, talk to teachers, parents, or anyone! I have never been bullied and I have never seen anyone who was being bullied, but I have heard many stories, and a lot of my favorite celebrities were bullied when they were young, like Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift, and Taylor Lautner.
  • Someone in my class has gotten bullied. She was never bullied on the internet, but she has heard that some people who were behind her back talking about her. She also got insulted a lot.

Facts about bullying

  • About 4,400 people die each year from bullying
  • For people who are getting bullied, they think that no one can help them and that it’s bad that they can’t fix it on their own
  • In any school playground bullying happens about every seven minutes, and in a classroom it happen about every 25 minutes
  • In the average American school, there are about 2.1 bullies, and almost 2.7 bully victims
  • 56% of students have felt some things from bullying
  • Around/ between 4th and 8th grade, people are victims of bullying
  • The common reasons why people are harassed are because they are overweight, or because of how they look, like if they have a disability
  • Bullying victims are twice as likely to kill themselves than people who aren’t victims of bullying
  • One out of ten students in schools, drop out because of bullying
  • The things that people do to you, are usually intentional
  • Around 160,000 people miss school every day because they are afraid that they will be bullied worse, or attacked by people
  • Around 56% of people have seen bullying happen in their school
  • About 43% kids have been bullied online. One in four kids have had it happen to them
  • Four out of ten students have had their passwords from certain things stolen and changed because of bullies
  • Over 80% teens use cell phones every day. Cell phones are one of the main places to have cyber bullying happen
  • Girls are twice as as likely as boys to have cyber bullying happen to them


Your animation

Books and websites that can help people with bullying

  • ‘The anti-bullying handbook’ By Keith Sullivan
  • http://us.reachout.com/ – a website where people who are getting bullied can read about other people’s stories and see how certain things helped their lives. They can get their voice out into the world and tell the world how we can help make bullying stop. Also they have a place on the website where people can read many facts about bullying and how we can stop it.

Links, and videos


That link is to a website where a man named John Franklin Stevens wrote a letter to a person who bullied him and called him retarded. He stood up for himself. If you don’t read the whole letter, you won’t understand his pain and how he feels now. If you scroll down far enough after the letter is done, you will be very surprised by how many comments there are under his post. You should read a lot of them or as many as you can to see how people feel about him.

This is a video about a news reporter who was called fat. The video is her giving a response to the the person who called her fat.

What bullying really is

Bullying can be many things. A lot of people think that it’s just when people who are really mean say things to you that are really hurtful. But it’s not just that. It also happens online, and it’s called cyber bullying. I think that bullying has begun to get worse and worse. I have heard of a lot celebrities who have been bullied. Like Demi Lovato, Taylor Lautner, and Taylor Swift. That’s not all of them. But look at how far they’ve come. I mean they’re singers, and amazing actors in the greatest movies!
Something that I find interesting about people who have been hurt in their lives early on, when they really want to do something, they never give up. On the X Factor this year, there is a contestant named Vino Alan. He was abused by his dad his whole childhood. He was married to a woman, then had a son, and got a divorce. He is now on the X Factor and he keeps saying that he won’t give up. Even if he get’s eliminated, he will keep trying. Another thing that’s sad about him, if he get’s eliminated, he doesn’t have any home to go to. He has his son, and friends and family, but no home.
Bullying no matter what kind of bullying happens, it’s still hurtful, and can harm a lot of people.


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